Technical Support

Company's technical support team

Iguan Systems's technical support team responds quickly to any situation and provides immediate solutions. This is achieved through a robust technical support team that can handle email support, voice support, and online support with ease. At Iguan Systems, we take 24/7 support services a step higher by making sure that we understand our customers' business environment, system variables and business requirements. All this equips us as an ideal technical helpdesk services partner.


As your business grows, you need your systems and infrastructure to be kept pace so that customers don’t pay for hiccups in service or coverage. If you keep your technical support service in-house there are two potential problems involved when it comes to scalability. If your business experiences rapid growth, you might struggle to find quality team members to work in your technical support group and clients, as a result, will suffer through longer waits. On the flip side, if you find your company has too many technical support specialists, you are burning money on employees sitting around waiting to tackle problems that aren’t popping up.

By outsourcing your technical support to an outside vendor, you have transferred the responsibility for scaling up or down to them. You are paying them to add qualified staff during expansion or scale down services when contraction occurs. It is their responsibility to absorb those shocks and adjust on the fly.

Last but not least, there is the concept of the company’s focus. Every company has a limited budget and limited resources, and those resources need to be tackled all of your business’s needs appropriately. Outsourcing your technical support services to a third-party vendor can free up resources (funds, people, and infrastructure) for use on core business processes.