Sustaining Engineering

Sustaining Software Engineering Services

Successful deployments of products yield new challenges – demand for new features, upgrades on latest technology platforms and improvements on price-performance ratio. But it is difficult for businesses to keep upgrading software due to lack of resources, people, money and time. As a result, problems that require sustaining engineering arise. In such scenarios, significant engineering efforts require funded projects for the re-design, qualification and other technical-related activities leading to improvement of parts implement in the fielded systems. The need for sustaining software engineering services that include sustaining porting engineering, sustaining product engineering and sustaining quality-engineering services becomes vital.

For the major customers of our clients requiring one-off special product versions, Xoriant provides comprehensive sustaining software engineering services, custom development, testing and quality assurance, porting services that accelerate software non-standard product upgrades and extend offerings for new markets.

Many of our software product clients face situations where some of their major customers do not upgrade their installed products to the latest releases. Since these customers have made major customizations and enhancements to the older product versions, any migration to the newer product versions would force them to recreate their customized functionality and integration with the other software components in their IT environment, which is always an unknown but major effort. Since these customers are likely using those IT environments for their mission critical applications, any down time during the version upgrades is impossible to plan. Hence, migration to the newer product versions becomes extremely difficult.

In such cases where their customers keep on running the older product versions, our software product clients find it difficult and expensive to maintain their engineers supporting and enhancing the older versions of the product, while selling and supporting the new product versions. Sometimes, even the platform, language and the code base change so drastically between different versions, that inter-changing of the team members supporting different versions of the same product, becomes impossible.

This is where Xoriant as a sustaining product engineering service company comes in. In many of these situations, Xoriant has provided sustaining quality engineering services and has taken over full support of the older versions, including the source code and the version control environment, thus dedicating a team to support end-of-life products. This creates a win-win solution for both, our clients and their customers.

sustaining software engineering

Our Sustaining Software Engineering Services include:

  • Maintenance of the code base including owning the code tree representing the older versions
  • Bug fixes and release patches for the older versions and newer versions
  • Custom feature/functionality enhancements
  • Re-engineering for porting, migrating, or upgrades on newer platforms
  • Retrofitting security patches to the older versions
  • End-of-life product support to key customers
  • Providing feedback about the customer environment to our product clients
  • Continuous integration of sustained products with existing and new IT environment