Product Ideation

When idea becomes a product

Ideation is all about coming up with the big idea. The key challenge, however, is knowing what constitutes a big idea. The goal of the ideation process should not be lots of ideas. Instead, the goal should be to construct the single, best solution to satisfy the unmet customer needs of the target customers and segments, enabling them to get the job done faster, more conveniently, and more effectively than ever before.

Iguan Systems’s ideation process works as we take the customers' initial ideas, improve and develop them, make them better ones, and only after that realize them.

Product ideation Product ideation

Prior to ideation, we use quantitative research methods to capture and prioritize all the customers’ needs. Those same methods also point out what customer, job-to- be-done, segment, and price the idea has to address. No other ideation process makes this possible. With the right information in hand, Iguan Systems can construct a big idea, because success comes from knowing, not guessing.