Medical services and supplies

It doesn’t matter what’s going on in a whole world medical services and supplies are always take a big part of it. Nowadays online medical service and supplies is growing.

Iguan Systems can suggests creating many types of medical software services or websites.

The need for medical supplies during an environmental crisis is as critical as the need for food, water, and clothes.

Medical Service Company aims at improving patient comfort and enhancing your quality of life.

EdgeCG is a powerful engine allowing managers to direct retail field efforts, track field activities as well as drive productivity. Integrated analytics and reporting tools allow managers to meet all their retail execution, direct store delivery and reporting needs with a single system.

  • Improve salesforce effectiveness, efficiency and results
  • Direct, measure and drive activity at the store
  • Manage with dashboards, built-in analytics and KPIs in a more effective way.

Online medical services are getting more and more widespread in our society. Now nearly every medical company has its own website with medical support or an online shop.

Medical Service Company Company is committed to improving patient comfort and helping improve your quality of life.

Iguan systems created many medical service websites providing a unique approach to each organization.

We can suggest you many different design and functional solutions for your website. For examples if you have a medical company which has two parts one of them is medical support part and the other one is shop. We can combine these two parts.

Beside websites about medical services and supplies Iguan Systems offer you softwares for your hospitals.

We can create software that will make your management easier. As Iguan Systems have huge experience in DBMS we can suggest you an unique approach to your organization.

Used Technologies

Languages Database
Java MySQL, MongoDB
PHP Oracle